First Moment of a Brave New World

This 3-4-second segment runs from 2:14 to 2:18 on the DVD clock. It
seems unassuming at first. They don't call attention to it. And the
specific location is unknown. But when you examine it, it turns out to

the only known footage of pedestrian reaction to FIRST hit at the INSTANT the first hit happened.

This proves the Naudets had foreknowledge -- the foreknowledge required
to have had a second camera up and running at 8:46 a.m., AWAITING the
initial crowd reaction to the event which was ABOUT TO occur.

The first camera that they had running at 8:46 a.m., the one we all
know about, was Jules' camera at the gas leak (Church & Lispenard
intersection). So this second camera was evidently operated by Gedeon.

In further support of this, note that the movie shows no 8:46 a.m.
footage from the firehouse, where the movie claims Gedeon was at
8:46 a.m. That was a huge moment, a multi-alarm call for almost everyone
who was still at the firehouse to get the heck over to the WTC. Gedeon
should have found that firehouse moment interesting enough to film, if he
had really been at the firehouse at 8:46 a.m.. But we see now that he
simply wasn't in the firehouse at that moment. We see now that at
8:46 a.m., Gedeon was out on some sidewalk getting this shot instead.

Note that this shot is inserted right AFTER the fireman looks skyward at
the odor-of-gas call, which, we learn later (in the fuller version of the
odor-of-gas scene), is when the first hit was happening. And, this shot
is inserted right BEFORE some OTHER shots of crowd reactions to
the hits. Therefore by context alone, this is a shot of pedestrian
reaction to one of the hits.

But, this shot STARTS with NOBODY looking up. Therefore it is NOT a shot
of reaction to the SECOND hit. By the time the second hit was about
to happen, practically EVERYONE was STANDING STILL and STARING UP.

There was only one time on that day when people were walking along
normally and then all of a sudden a wave of them whirled to look up.
That time was 8:46 a.m.

I count at least three people suddenly whirling their gaze around and/or up:

1. white man in left foreground in gray T shirt and dark shorts; trying
to figure out exactly where to look up at.

2. white man in dark business suit carrying briefcase in left hand;
though blurry, you can see his jaw starts to drop open on his very
concerned-looking face.

3. thin black woman in middle/background (somewhat blurry, possible
Condi Rice lookalike), with long sleeved medium blue shirt and wearing
a backpack. She was walking basically away from the camera, but before
the clip is over we see her whirling around leftward, basically toward
the camera, pivoting on the balls of her feet in mid-stride.

In summary, I repeat that this unassuming little 3-4-second snippet is a
shot of FIRST-hit reaction at the INSTANT the first hit happened -- and
the existence of such footage PROVES FOREKNOWLEDGE on the part of
the moviemakers.


Same shot in context: